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KRA Offers Courses Monthly from April through October.

You can register directly with us by contacting LEARN TO ROW!

 Class 1704 Registration Fees Info Register
July 12: Wednesday 6:00 – 8:30 PM
July 15: Saturday 6 AM – 11 AM
July 16: Sunday 6 AM – 11 AM
Brunch: BYO  (bring your own)
Closes July 3 $199.00 Info Register
 Class 1705 Registration Fees Info Register
August 9: Wednesday 6:00 – 8:30 PM
August 12: Saturday 6 AM – 11 AM
August 13: Sunday 6 AM – 11 AM
Brunch: BYO  (bring your own)
Closes August 7 $199.00 Info Register
 Class 1706 Registration Fees Info Register
Sept 6: Wednesday 6:00 – 8:30 PM
Sept 9: Saturday 6 AM – 11 AM
July 10: Sunday 6 AM – 11 AM
Brunch: BYO  (bring your own)
Closes Sept 4 $199.00 Info Register
  • On completion of the class students get an additional four weeks of rowing for free!

  • Student rowers must be able to lift 30 pounds overhead and have flexibility sufficient to enter and exit a rowing shell on the water.

  • Minimum class size is four students. 

Register now!

Contact us directly at LEARN TO ROW!
Or register for LEARN to ROW Classes through Poulsbo Parks and Recreation. (Available when 2017 catalog is published by Parks and Recreation)
Click on the “ADULTS” tab and type “Learn”


The Curriculum

Session 1: Introduction and Safety

Session 2: Introduction to Rowing Technique – Hitting the Water

Session 3: Getting Serious

Session 4: The Slide

Session 5: The Racing Start

Download the curriculum

Please download both the application and curriculum and register at Poulsbo Parks & Recreation as soon as possible.

Space is limited. If you have any questions please contact us.

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